Why worry about the weather?

In Reimatec clothes, kids are always dry and comfortable.

Kids are the champions of active lifestyle. The outside world is their playground. That’s why they need gear that keeps them dry and comfortable come wind, rain, shine or snow. Our biggest innovation, Reimatec, is a durable and sustainable coating that we use in almost all in our outerwear. You can trust Reimatec to keep your child dry and feeling comfortable all day long, whether at day care or on a family day outdoors.

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Four reasons why Reimatec is perfect for all weathers


1. Reimatec is waterproof

In Reimatec clothes, there is a waterproof coating on the inside of the fabric. It is full of very tiny pores, so it is breathable too. If you choose Reimatec with taped seams, there is usually no need for other rain wear.

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2. Reimatec is breathable

Reimatec breathes, which means it lets body moisture evaporate to the outside. This is important to avoid chills, as wet skin cools down 25 times faster than dry skin.


3. Reimatec is easy-care

A DWR (durable water repellency) finish on the surface of the Reimatec fabric repels water and dirt, so there's less laundry: very often you can just wipe the garment clean. That’s good new for the parents, as Reima clothes are often used every day.


4. Reimatec is sustainable

Reimatec is both chemically safe and extremely durable, which makes it a sustainable choice.

Protecting the health of children is our top priority. Reimatec technology repels water without the use of harmful chemicals, like fluorocarbons. While they are effective in making water-repellent or waterproof products, fluorocarbons can accumulate in the environment, and eventually also harm the health of our children. Ensuring a chemically safe manufacturing process also protects the people who make the garment, and their environment.

Active kids are masters of wear and tear. The durability of Reimatec ensures the clothes can withstand even rough use by several kids. Reusing a piece of clothing instead of buying a new one helps save resources. We test all fabrics by mechanically rubbing them with sandpaper. Especially trousers and overalls last at least 30,000 rubs, our best Reimatec fabrics up to 80,000. Tough stuff for more hours of joy!


Frequently asked

  • What does "waterproof" really mean?

    The effectiveness of waterproof Reimatec clothes often depends on how they're used. When it's raining, the clothes need to be zipped up to keep as much water out as possible. Reimatec jackets, snowsuits and pants also need to be stored correctly – hung on hangers, not folded in piles - to avoid damage to the material.

    We offer several levels of waterproof Reimatec products, and our handy water pillar symbols can help you choose the one that's right for your kids, whether they are playing in the rain, or jumping through puddles.

  • How are waterproof Reimatec clothes made?

    To keep your kids safe and dry, we apply a safe, non-toxic polyurethane coating to waterproof our Reimatec fabrics. This thin protective membrane is on the inside of the fabric. It may be invisible, but it's tough! To finalise the waterproof performance of the Reimatec outerwear, we tape the seams from the inside using a flexible polyurethane tape. This seals the tiny stitching holes and makes them waterproof. In other cases, like Reimatec gloves, mittens and shoes, we add a specially-designed waterproof, yet breathable polyurethane insert between the outer layer and the lining.

  • How can waterproof Reimatec clothes allow breathability?

    Creating a waterproof and breathable Reimatec coat may seem like magic, but finding this balance is all thanks to microporous polyurethane. With pores large enough to let water vapor pass outwards, but small enough to keep rain and water out, this safe material offers the best protection and comfort for active kids.

  • Safety and comfort

    Protecting the health of children is our top priority. That's why we refuse to use fluorocarbons in our clothes. While they are effective in making water-repellent or waterproof products, fluorocarbons can accumulate in the environment, be harmful to living organisms and eventually also harm the health of our children. PU (polyurethane) as a textile membrane or coating is a harmless and safe option.