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Kids' T-shirts and Shirts

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Kids' T-shirts - cheerful, trendy and comfortable

Kids' T-shirts are great basics that offer great comfort all year round. From breezy summer shirts to cozy long-sleeved shirts for kids, you'll find the right favourite shirt for every weather and activity at Reima.

What to look out for when buying children's T-shirts?

The children's sweatshirt or T-shirt is a versatile all-rounder that you can hardly go wrong with. Whether it's the latest trends, timelessly beautiful looks or a special favourite motif: there is more than enough choice for every taste and age. Nevertheless, there are a few points you should keep in mind when buying kids’ T-shirts.Just like children's trousers, T-shirts are usually worn directly on the skin. Accordingly, it is important that they are made safely and free of harmful substances. Reima, for example, deliberately uses skin-friendly materials such as organic cotton, certified wool or bamboo viscose. Wool in particular is also great for temperature control: at low temperatures, it keeps you nice and warm without heat accumulating on the skin.

How do I find the right T-shirts for my kids?

Which T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt is right for children is primarily a matter of taste. Ideally, you should involve your kids in the buying decision from an early age. This way you can be sure that they will feel completely comfortable with their new sweatshirt and will enjoy wearing it for a long time.Depending on the season, different models may be more suitable. In summer, a classic short-sleeved cotton shirt is usually enough. For winter and the transitional period, you should always have a long-sleeved shirt at hand for the children. Warming shirts with wool percentage or special functional shirts are suitable here. These also have the advantage that, depending on the weather, they can be worn as a base layer, mid-layer or as the only outerwear.

Which long-sleeved shirts are best?

A long-sleeved shirt is the perfect companion for kids in the transitional season or even as a warming base layer in winter. Even in summer, an airy children's UV shirt can provide the necessary sun protection without heating up the child. Which model is best suited as children's clothing depends on when and during which activities it will be worn.In everyday life, most kids prefer a sweatshirt or a fashionable hoodie. If the shirt is to be worn as outdoor clothing, you should go for children's T-shirts with UV protection in summer. You can also buy children's shorts and accessories from Reima as UV-protective clothing.In low temperatures, on the other hand, good protection against the cold is important. A warm long-sleeved shirt for children is recommended here, which can be made of fleece or a wool blend, for example. For a comfortable fit, it is best to choose kids’ T-shirts made of elastic materials. Soft, flat seams prevent chafing, especially if other layers of clothing are worn over the children's sweatshirt.

Which T-shirt size should I buy for children?

Kids’ T-shirts, like the rest of the children's clothing, should fit comfortably and loosely without slipping. To ensure that your children's sweatshirt has a perfect fit, we have provided you with a practical size guide in the Reima Shop. For every age, you will find the appropriate clothing sizes to fit the body size of your kids.Reima garments usually offer around 6 cm of room for growth. This means that you can buy the size that fits your child perfectly at the beginning of the season. With this margin, the children's T-shirts should fit throughout the summer or winter, even if your child grows in the meantime. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also order your children's shirts one size larger.

Order high quality children's shirts online

Are you still looking for the right T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt for children? Then discover the high-quality kids’ T-shirts in the Reima Shop now. Many cheerful looks for boys and girls are just waiting to be discovered!