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Clothing for babies

Our baby collection has clothes that are soft against delicate skin. Our layers that are easy and practical to put on and take off. We only use natural organic cotton, merino wool and soft and sustainable recycled polyester – all free from harmful chemicals and residues. In fact, our baby clothes are so clean that there’s no need to wash before the first use because there’s nothing to wash away.

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For the smallest small of all

Babies are the smallest small of all and keeping them warm, safe and secure is a big responsibility.

We’ve thought of how the clothes feel, making sure they’re soft against delicate skin. We’ve made layers that are easy and practical to put on and take off. And we only use safe and sustainable materials that are good for your baby and the planet.

Welcome to the world, Reima baby. We can’t wait to explore it with you.

Layers of love

Babies can’t say when they’re too hot or too cold, but they sure can feel it. That’s why our Newborn collection has practical and comfortable layers that are easy to put on and take off. There are layers for indoors and outdoors – all with smart little details that make a big difference. 

We love dressing Reima babies

The designs of our baby collection are practical – a joy to use for babies and parents alike. The Moomin one-piece Sovare lets you transform the look of your little sleeper to suit the rest of the outfit - choose peaceful classic stripes or playful fish, according to your mood.

Clean enough to chew

Our Newborn collection is made to meet the strictest standards on baby clothes – free of residues and harmful chemicals. And most of all, every piece is made with love for the very smallest small of them all – Reima babies.

Welcome to Moominvalley

Reima and the Moomins have a lot in common. Friends and family are most important to us. And, just like all Finns, we promote courage, love, tolerance, and the freedom to explore. The Moomins can usually be found enjoying their beautiful valley and life by the sea, whatever the weather. All of this makes them the perfect companions for Reima babies as they begin to explore their own world.