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Winter jackets for kids

Keep your little ones cozy and comfortable in the chill with our winter jackets, using materials like down or high-quality synthetic fill to fend off the cold. At Reima, we understand the spirited nature of children; that's why our jackets are not only warm but also built tough to keep up with the most adventurous of plays. Dive into our diverse collection and discover the perfect blend of insulation, style and durability—your child's new favorite winter jacket awaits!

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Embrace the chill: Kids' winter jacket adventures await

When the cold weather sweeps in, ensure your little ones are snug and stylish with our curated selection of kids' winter jackets. Reima winter jackets for kids have several key features to ensure it provides warmth, protection, and durability while accommodating a child's active lifestyle. Our winter jackets are insulated adequately to keep the child warm in cold weather. Materials like down or high-quality synthetic insulation are used because of their excellent heat retention. Reima exclusively designs children's clothing, ensuring our winter jackets offer the freedom of movement that kids need to play and move comfortably.

Perfect for building snowmen, school commutes, or any winter activity, our jackets provide the warmth, freedom of movement and comfort needed to fully embrace the chill. Designed for active kids, our warm winter coats are available in both long parka and shorter styles, meeting the needs of every parent, even in the cold Nordic climate. For the most energetic youngsters, our ski jackets offer unparalleled freedom of movement and clever features for enjoyable days on the slopes. Pair with super warm kids' snow pants for head-to-toe coverage, ensuring playful days remain uninterrupted by the cold.

Cozy Essentials: How to choose the best toddler winter jacket

Selecting the best toddler winter jacket involves striking the perfect balance between warmth, comfort, features and style. Our toddler winter jackets are super warm and packed with handy and functional winter features that have earned them worldwide popularity. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, they cater to the preferences of both toddler boys and girls. To complete their winter ensemble, consider adding cozy kids' winter boots that offer both protection and grip for those first steps on snowy days.

Ultimate warmth for playful days: Why kids' down jacket is a perfect choice for cold winter weather?

Amidst the biting cold, a kids' down jacket stands out as the champion of warmth and comfort. With unparalleled insulation properties, our down jackets for kids and toddlers are perfect for chilly mornings and snowy adventures alike. They're not just about warmth; styled with vibrant colors and patterns, they're the go-to for playful aesthetics. Enhance their winter gear with protective kids' beanies and balaclavas to keep the little ears and faces shielded from the cold.

Keeping kids warm, dry, and stylish: Waterproof kids' puffer jacket

For the ultimate in cozy warmth, the kids' waterproof puffer jacket is an indispensable ally against the elements. Engineered to lock in warmth while repelling water, our puffer jackets are ideal for activities from sledding to the daily trek to school. They come in a variety of colors suitable for every child, ensuring your kid stays warm, dry, and on-trend. Don't forget to check our ultra warm and durable kids' snowsuits for all-over protection that doesn’t compromise on mobility, keeping your kids dry and active the whole day.