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From fishing by the lake to jumping in puddles, summer really gets the bugs buzzing. Never fear, our Anti-Bite collection is here! Our Anti-Bite clothes keep kids protected from insects – naturally. So mosquitos, move on! Ticks, take a hike! And flies, fly away! 

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Let’s  fight the bite

Bugs don’t like our Anti-Bite clothes. And that’s exactly why kids love them! The repellent added to the fabric is safe for the environment and gentle on the skin. In fact, it’s so gentle that it doesn’t even harm the bugs it repels. It keeps mosquitoes, wasps, flies, lice and even dangerous ticks away – all so kids can play. 

How does Reima Anti-Bite work?

Our Anti-Bite collection is made with the non-toxic repellent IR3535. That might sound hard, but actually it’s a simple substance similar to a natural one found in our own bodies. Oh, and it’s been deemed safe by the WHO, EPA, and parents all over very buggy Finland.