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Kids' barefoot shoes

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Tallustelu: The Award-Winning Waterproof Barefoot Shoe for Kids

Meet our new waterproof barefoot shoe Tallustelu with a wide last, super-flexible sole and zero heel. Sounds like your kid’s new best friend! Winner of both ISPO Award and the Scandinavian Outdoor Award, Tallustelu is recognized for its exceptional design and functionality.

Available in 3 colors, sizes 28-40.

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Rantaan 2.0

Rantaan barefoot sandals

Rantaan 2.0 shoes fit perfectly on bare feet for all summer explorers. They're bendy and breathable plus, you can just toss them in the machine when needed! With a zero heel drop, they provide a natural stance that's comfortable for all-day wear.

Available in 4 colors.

Sizes: 22-40

Tepastelu: Splish-Splash Shoes for Little Feet!

These barefoot shoes for toddlers are spacey at the toes and have flat, flexible sloes that make each step feel almost like wearing no shoes at all! Plus, Velcro construction ensures easy use, it’s super easy for kids to pull on and off.

Available in 2 colors, sizes 22-28.

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Barefoot shoe Astelu

These super breathable barefoot shoes are perfect for warm summer days or as indoor shoes at daycare or school! Kids’ feet are meant to grow freely, which is why our Astelu barefoot shoes are spacey at the toes. Their flat, flexible soles feel almost like there was no shoe at all, yet give a great grip for safety. 

Kids’ barefoot shoes for healthy foot development

The right shoes are particularly important for children during the development phase. Reima barefoot shoes give feet the freedom of movement they need for healthy growth. Discover the feather-light kids’ barefoot shoes now and find the shoe that optimally supports your child’s development.

Why are barefoot shoes useful for children?

As long as children's feet are still developing, it is advisable to let them walk barefoot as much as possible. This trains the entire foot musculature and promotes healthy rolling behavior. Kids’ shoes that are too rigid hinder natural movements and can encourage misalignments.

Walking barefoot is not always possible in everyday life. In this case, barefoot shoes ensure that little feet develop optimally and are protected from external influences at the same time. The so-called minimal shoes for children offer a similar feeling to walking barefoot. Baby feet can develop freely and healthily and are always optimally protected.

What are the advantages of kids’ barefoot shoes?

Kids’ barefoot shoes are ultra-light and have a flexible sole that feels almost as good on the ground as walking barefoot. The breathable barefoot shoe from Reima ensures optimum foot health and leaves plenty of room for the toes. Stabilizing elements or a rigid heel have been deliberately omitted to support the natural rolling motion of the foot.Minimal shoes for children strengthen the foot muscles, promote a sense of balance and prevent foot misalignments and poor posture. Barefoot shoes are therefore not only beneficial for foot development, but also promote healthy posture and development overall.

What makes a good kids’ barefoot shoe?

Good barefoot shoe for children should be made of lightweight and flexible materials and have a non-slip sole. High breathability is also important for healthy feet, especially during the summer. The breathable barefoot shoe from Reima has been specially developed for a healthy foot climate and prevents moisture from building up when worn for long periods of time. All barefoot shoes in the Reima online store are guaranteed to be free from fluorocarbon, PVC and other harmful substances that have no place on children's skin.

Waterproof barefoot shoes for spring and autumn keep your kids feet dry

Ensuring a fun, carefree playtime, Reima offers waterproof barefoot shoes for children that keep your kids feet dry, even in the dampest conditions. Whether it is playing in the wet grass or in wet autumn conditions, waterproof barefoot shoes keep your kids feet dry. Our shoes have a Reimatec membrane that repels water while maintaining the breathability that a barefoot shoe should offer. Whether it's a sudden downpour or a stroll through wet grass, with kids or toddler waterproof barefoot shoes, there's no need to worry about wet and cold feet - a perfect blend of protection and comfort.

What types of barefoot shoes and sandals are there?

Kids’ barefoot shoes and sandals are available in many great designs for boys and girls. Whether fashionable for the school day, breezy for the beach or sporty for your outdoor adventure together: you'll find the right barefoot shoes for every occasion in the Reima online store . Combine the shoes with stylish children's trousers , a cute little skirt or a casual children's sweater to create the perfect everyday look.When choosing, it's important to consider the season and the planned activity. For example, open barefoot sandals are perfect for summer. When it comes to the colder months, keeping your kids' feet warm is essential. Warm barefoot shoes for kids are designed to withstand chilly conditions, thanks to their insulated lining and thermal properties. These shoes maintain the lightness and flexibility of a typical barefoot model, but provide an extra layer of warmth for your child's feet. The result is a shoe that enables natural foot movements while protecting against winter's harsh elements.

Which size is the right one?

Kids’ barefoot shoes need to fit perfectly so that they can actively support foot development. That's why you should always buy your kids’ barefoot shoes in their current size. If you are unsure which size is the right one, the shoe size charts will help you make the right choice. To determine the shoe size for children, all you need to do is measure the foot length in millimetres and then simply read off the right size.

Discover kids’ barefoot shoes now

The breathable barefoot shoe from Reima accompanies your child from the very first steps and ensures healthy foot development. Discover the many colorful barefoot shoes and find the shoe that best suits your kid.