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Kids' Swim Shirts

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Buy children's swim shirts in fresh summer styles

When it's time to go to the beach or swimming pool in summer, there's no stopping the kids. The scorching sun is quickly forgotten amidst all the swimming fun. With a UV swim shirt , your children will be safe even on hot days. Discover the new fashionable swim shirts and other UV protective clothing from Reima now.

Why do children need a swim shirt?

The sun is doubly dangerous for children near water. Not only do they spend a lot of time with their skin uncovered, but the UV radiation is also reflected and intensified by the water. This is why you should never let your children go in or out of the water without a high level of UV protection.UV protective clothing can effectively increase the protective effect of sunblocks. In the Reima shop, for example, you will find swimming trunks , bikinis and sun hats with UV protection. For the sensitive shoulder and back area, however, a rashguard with UV protection that covers the exposed areas over a large area is particularly useful. Reima swim shirts are made from SunProof material with UV protection factor 50+, so that aggressive UV radiation doesn't stand a chance.

How do I find the right swimwear for my children?

In addition to UV protection, children's swimwear should also be light and airy to prevent heat from building up on the skin. Quick-drying materials prevent the child from getting cold after swimming. You should also make sure that the beachwear is hard-wearing so that it can withstand wild frolicking, digging and building sandcastles undamaged.If possible, you should choose a long-sleeved swim shirt that reaches up to the elbows and protects the upper arms from the sun. A long-cut back also prevents the shirt from riding up as you move.Rashguards are available in different versions, for example as a tight-fitting swim shirt with a zip or loosely cut like a classic T-shirt. The Reima swim shirts are made of elasticated materials so that they are easy to put on and take off despite their slim fit.

What should I look out for when buying a rashguard?

A good rashguard must fit in such a way that it offers a high degree of freedom of movement on the beach, but cannot be accidentally slipped off in the water. A swim shirt with long sleeves and a slim fit is best suited to this. Flat seams and an additional lining prevent the swim shirt from rubbing against the skin. This is particularly important on the beach, where children's sensitive skin is already irritated by the sand and salt water.A good swim shirt with UV protection should offer your child the necessary safety without harming the environment. Reima swim shirts are made from innovative recycled material and combine effective UV protection with sustainable manufacturing processes. The quick-drying and moisture-wicking material also ensures optimum climate regulation.Reima's fresh summery design ideas show that a long-sleeved rashguard can also be really stylish. Many of the beautiful patterns and prints are inspired by Finnish folklore and nature. The UV swim shirt is a trendy eye-catcher that is guaranteed to turn heads on the beach.

Order high-quality children's swim shirts online

With a UV swim shirt, your kids will be well protected on hot days and still be able to stay cool. Find the right swim shirt for children of all ages in the Reima shop now.