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Kids’ Snowsuits

For top-to-toe coverage in wind, rain and snow, look to our super-cozy kids’ snowsuits. These all-in-one solutions, designed to stand up to Scandinavian-style weather conditions, mean children can forget about the chill during their outdoor adventures.

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Kids’ snowsuit - cuddly companion for cold days

Biting cold and wild snow flurries can't stop little adventurers from taking the world around them by storm. On the contrary - for many children, the fun really starts now. To ensure that they are always safe on the road, age-appropriate winter clothing is essential. Perfect for cold days: a lined snowsuit that protects kids from head to toe.

When do children need a snowsuit?

As soon as the little ones start walking, snow overall is useful in winter. The overall offers high thermal insulation and is made of durable materials, so your kids are protected even if they fall or sit down in the snow. Breathable materials prevent children from sweating in their winter one-piece suits. The big advantage in comparison to a winter jacket and separate winter pants is that the snowsuit can't start to slip. Thus, the middle of the body is optimally protected even when moving or sliding down a slope.A snowsuit can also be a good solution for juniors, for example for winter sports. Here, a ski suit is ideal, which is equipped with many practical details especially for the slopes.

What makes a good snowsuit for kids?

A good kids’ snowsuit must provide complete protection against cold, wind and moisture. If moisture gets on the skin, the body temperature can drop, which is particularly dangerous in sub-zero winter temperatures. Therefore, Reima snowsuits are completely waterproof in all variations. The seams are also sealed to be waterproof.The second important aspect is good thermal insulation. For this purpose, the winter overall has a warming inner lining and elastic cuffs, so that no cold wind can penetrate through the arm and leg openings. Snow catchers at the leg cuffs and a wrap-around, closed hood provide complete weather protection.

How do I find the right toddler snowsuit?

Ideally, the snowsuit should have elastic foot straps and adjustable cuffs so that it fits well despite the loose fit. For smaller children in particular, it is also important that they can put on and take off their overalls independently. Good snow overalls feature a child-friendly, easy-to-use zipper. While juniors want a lot of freedom of movement, a toddler snowsuit needs to be especially cozy and warm. In our selection, you will find special toddler snowsuits, which also have clever details. For example, the zipper is designed particularly long which makes diapering easier.

What to look for when buying a kids’s snowsuit?

A good snowsuit for kids should not only keep warm, but also be safe. On the one hand, this concerns visibility, which is established in the Reima snowsuit by reflective elements. For the safety of your children and the environment, you should choose sustainable children's fashion, which is free of questionable substances and is manufactured in a resource-friendly way.All our childrens’ snowsuits are free from hazardous chemicals like fluorocarbon, which are often used to impregnate outdoor clothing. Instead, Reima relies on environmentally and health-friendly alternatives like Bionic Finish® ECO to make the winter clothing water and dirt repellent.Ideally, you should always choose a snowsuit together with your kids, so that they feel completely comfortable with their new overall. In the selection you can find snowsuits in fresh Finnish designs that make dreary winter days a bit more colorful.