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Kids' Outdoor Pants

Children’s clothing needs to be tough – which is where these Reima kids’ trousers come in. Discover our collection of fleece-lined pants, hardy jeans and waterproof activewear to take little ones from sitting on the sofa to playing in the woods.

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Kids’ outdoor pants - weather protection is fun.

Fashionable kids’ functional pants or rain pants  in many great colors. Practical details and a child-friendly fit make outdoor pants for children of all ages a essential all-weather companion.

What outdoor clothing is suitable for children?

The smaller your children are, the more important good weather protection is. The little ones themselves can not yet estimate so well when it is too cold, and quickly forget everything around them when romping. Outdoor clothing offers reliable protection here. It prevents wind or moisture from penetrating the clothing and keeps the child dry and warm in any weather.

Depending on the season, the outdoor outfit consists of waterproof functional pants and an outdoor jacket or rain jacket. In addition, winter boots, rubber boots or even lighter outdoor shoes for the transitional period. The outer layer of clothing should be windproof and waterproof, so that it can be easily pulled over the children's pants or T-shirt and your child is immediately protected.

How do I find good outdoor pants for kids?

The most important task of kids’ functional pants is weather protection. For this purpose, you should choose outdoor pants made of windproof and waterproof materials. At Reima, we pay special attention to ensuring that not only the outer materials are waterproof, but also the seams. Elastic leg cuffs and a high-cut fit prevent moisture from penetrating at the cuffs.

Ideally, kids’ outdoor pants also have a dirt-repellent coating, which makes care much easier, especially in rainy muddy weather.

Furthermore, an age-appropriate fit is important. A good pair of kids’ outdoor pants or kids’  hiking pants offer so much freedom of movement that the little ones can romp around to their heart's desire even when warmly wrapped up. They should also leave enough room for a warming mid-layer. Depending on the season, the outdoor pants are sometimes pulled over light kids shorts, sometimes over warm functional underwear or leggings. The cut of the Reima outdoor pants for children are made to satisfy the changing requirements.

Buying functional kids’ pants: What should be considered?

When choosing kids’ outdoor pants, comfort, safety and appearance are equally important. You should not compromise on size, but make sure that the pants fit well even when moving. Slipping pants can quickly put children in dangerous situations, especially if they like to climb or run wild. Reima’s functional pants offer a high level of safety here thanks to adjustable waistband and suspenders.

Since functional pants are often worn in cloudy weather, reflective applications are highly recommended. The Reima rain pants for kids, for example, are equipped with reflective stripes, so that your kids are seen in traffic even in poor visibility. You can also buy other outdoor clothing such as rain jackets, gloves and rain hats with reflective details in the Reima online store.

Are kids’ outdoor pants sustainable?

The topic of sustainability has always played a major role for Reima. We owe it to the children and also the environment to produce responsibly. That's why we pay attention to sustainable materials and manufacturing processes for all our products, from kids’ outdoor pants to kids’ sweatshirts.

Order kids’ outdoor pants now

With the outdoor pants from Reima your kids are always safe in dirty weather. Order now your kid’s outdoor pants or hiking pants in one of many fashionable colors.