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Kids' pants, jeans, shorts an skirts

Find here a selection of trousers and leggings. For summer we have a nice colourful selection of summer wear and general trousers. For winter we have focus on innerwear, which you can use underneath the regular clothing. So then you can find warm woollen leggings and trousers.

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Kids' shorts and skirts for a carefree summer

Kids' shorts and skirts are the perfect companions for hot days. In the Reima online shop you will find skirts and shorts in summery looks that will keep your kids breezy and fashionable in the summer.

What to look for when buying children's shorts?

A lightweight pair of children's shorts is the preferred summer garment for many boys and girls. The shorts allow optimal air circulation and temperature regulation even in high temperatures. So it can optimally fulfill this function, it is important that the shorts are loose-fitting and are breathable.Quick-drying materials ensure that the shorts dry out quickly even when sweating heavily or playing in the water. This is important because otherwise the child could catch a cold even in mild weather.Reliable UV protection is also indispensable in summer. In the Reima Shop you will find many summer clothes with special UV protection, from shorts and T-shirts to children's swimming trunks.

What is the difference between shorts and Bermuda shorts?

Bermuda shorts or Bermuda trousers are a special type of shorts that are longer than classic shorts. Bermudas end a few centimeters above the knee, while classic children's shorts are usually much shorter. The Bermuda children's shorts are popular with boys and girls alike, also because they cover most of the legs which offers good UV protection.

Buying girls' skirts - what do I have to consider?

Children's skirts not only look adorable, but also have the advantage that they are comfortably airy to wear on hot summer days. When it gets a bit cooler, kids‘ skirts can also be combined well with warm children's leggings.To ensure that the skirt is really comfortable, you should make sure that it fits well at the waist and does not cut in. The Reima girls' skirts, for example, have a wide elastic waistband that keeps the skirt in place without pinching.While children's shorts can quickly become too small, growing out of skirts is less of a problem. It is all the more important that your child really feels comfortable with the new skirt and wears it for a long time. You should therefore involve your children as early as possible in the decision to buy, which makes sense for all children's clothing.Take a look around the Reima online shop and discover the charming girls' skirts in summery, fresh Nordic designs. There is guaranteed to find something for your kids too.

Which tops go with children's shorts?

Shorts and children's skirts can be combined in many ways, both with airy children's T-shirts and with a sporty hoodie. On cool summer evenings, it can also be useful to have a warming sweat jacket or cardigan with you that can be quickly pulled over if needed. Kids' shorts are also perfect for putting on over a swimming costume on hot days - so the kids are ready for the beach, too.If you spend a lot of time outdoors with your children, it's a good idea to go for high-quality UV-protective clothing. The UV protection of the sunblock is usefully supplemented in this way. All the UV-protective clothing in the Reima Shop is equipped with UV protection factor 50+, including shorts, T-shirts and swimwear for kids.

Order high-quality children's shorts online

Children's shorts and girls' skirts are great summer companions that offer a light and airy feel while providing effective protection from the sun. Discover the new summer clothing for children in the Reima Shop and order your children's clothing directly online.