At Reima, product safety always comes first, because the safety of kids always comes first. For us, safety means non-toxicity as well as designs that improve your kids’ safety, such as UV protection factor and reflecting details.

Thanks to our holistic approach to product safety, Reima was awarded the European Product Safety Gold Award 2019 in the Children’s Products category.

Below you can read more about our the technical details of product safety as well as the more easily approachable practical designs for making your kids safe.

Reima Anti-Bite

Fabric and chemical safety

Our physical and chemical safety restrictions go beyond the EU’s REACH regulation. Our clothing has been 100% PFC-free since 2017 and formaldehyde-free since 2019. The Reima Restricted Substances List (RSL) limits the use of chemicals in our fabric production.

We are also a bluesign® system partner and have an ambitious plan to increase bluesign® -approved materials to 50% of our collection by 2023. bluesign® is about improving chemical safety in both manufacturing and the finished product, so it benefits both you and the workers making the products.

If you’re a chemicals whiz, you can download our RSL for detailed information.

Designed for safety

Reima clothes aren’t just safe to use—many items also provide extra protection. This way, kids are free to play outdoors safely and comfortably no matter the season.

  • In the spring and summer, nature comes alive—including the bugs. Reima Anti-Bite wear includes a safe, all-natural repellent that keeps bugs at bay. Fewer bites reduces the risk of bug-born illnesses such as malaria, too.
  • When the sun comes out, it’s especially important to have ultraviolet protection factor (UPF), since kids’ skin is so sensitive. Covering as much skin as possible with breathable Reima sunproof clothing also means fewer fights about sun lotion. As a bonus, you’re decreasing the chemical load in the environment.
  • In the autumn and winter, the days get so dark it’s hard to see kids walking on the street. Proper reflectors ensure visibility, but since they’re not visible from all sides, Reima gear with reflective details is an important backup!
  • Winter brings slippery sludge and ice, but kids should be able to continue their games carefree. We’ve added a Vibram Arctic Grip sole on many winter boots to reduce slipping and falls.