The look

Timeless yet new

Reima means honest and thoughtful design that does not become outdated, but remains current and trendy. We believe in tasteful simplicity and quality built on functionality as our Reimatec Fangan coverall is. Add a fresh colour fleece midlayer to give the extra splash of colour, and to make sure the kid is warm and comfortable, for many hours outside. The waterproof and mashine washable Patter wash sneakers is the perfect choise for +5 degrees weather, which might be wet and windy. The hat on top is the last detail for a complete outfit.


Reimatec mid-season overall Fangan Blue
Reimatec mid-season overall Fangan
89.95 € 44.98 €
Kids' beanie Haapa Summer green
Kids' beanie Haapa
16.95 € 6.78 €
Reimatec sneakers Patter Jeans Navy
Reimatec sneakers Patter Jeans
74.95 € 29.98 €
Toddlers' fleece overall Kiesu Summer green
Toddlers' fleece overall Kiesu
36.95 € 14.78 €
Toddlers' T-shirt Ipana Summer green
Toddlers' T-shirt Ipana
22.95 € 11.48 €
Kids' leggings Rhodo Summer green
Kids' leggings Rhodo
24.95 € 9.98 €
Beanie, Kivi Melange grey Melange grey
Beanie, Kivi Melange grey
16.95 € 8.48 €
Kids' mid-season mittens Olhava Summer green
Kids' mid-season mittens Olhava
24.95 € 9.98 €
Kids' socks 2-pack Polku Navy
Kids' socks 2-pack Polku
16.95 € 8.48 €
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