Stay warm in cold weather

The look

When it's really cold, layer dressing is the key: the base layer allows the skin to breathe, the mid layer keeps the warmth in and the outer layer provides protection from the wind and cold. Several intermediate layers can also be added. Head and hands need layering, too: a thin balaclava beneath the hat and thin mittens beneath the gloves add extra warmth. Remember that air is the best insulator - clothes that are too tight will not provide warmth!

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Toddlers' wool beanie Auva Deep violet

26.95 €

Kids' balaclava Kallio Dark melange grey

34.95 €

Kids' base layer balaclava Aurora Navy
Thermal set, Taival Melange grey Melange grey

64.95 €

Kids' fleece overall Kraz AW17 Navy

44.95 €

Reimatec® winter overall Otsamo Navy

139.95 €

Reimatec® winter mittens Ote Green

34.95 €

Mittens (knitted), Pyry Navy Navy

22.95 €

Kids' socks Suksi Black

14.95 €

Winter boots, Siberia Antracite Antracite

79.95 €

Reimatec® boots, Kinos Black Black

84.95 €