Climate change is threatening our kids’ future. The textile industry has a lot of work to do to help protect the seasons and the balance of ecosystems, so that future generations can also discover the joy of snow, puddles and swimming in clear waters. We’re committed to providing a clean planet for kids to play on, and we’re working to reduce our carbon footprint on our own and together with our partners.


From material innovations to recycling initiatives, we put responsibility into every step. We’ve been on the path for a better future since 1944 and continue our daily work to make the clothing industry more sustainable


On the path for a better future Since 1944

We know small changes everything. That’s why we’ve spent 75 years making sure the next generations are ready for the world to come. We love sharing the Nordic principle of an active outdoor childhood with the rest of the world. Love and respect for nature is a seed that’s best planted young.


Climate-neutral offices and stores

We have worked hard to reduce our climate impact in our offices and stores, and we compensate fully for the remaining emissions. We are also working on reducing the emissions in our supply chain. Want to read more about our climate work? See our company website.


Meeting Science-Based Targets

We are serious about reducing the climate impact of our products. We have committed to the Science Based Targets initiative as the first Finnish clothing company– this means our ambitious emission reduction targets are in line with latest climate science and the 1.5° world.