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Reima Summer collection 2022

Endless summer days mean endless adventures, and they’re all happening NOW!​ So tame the urban jungle, ride every wave, and be a fearless explorer. Summer is here and so are we – with Reima clothes we’re free to be! Get ready for a carefree summer!

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Light and versatile summer

We made summer gear that’s easy-care, weightless, and super easy to pack with you, wherever the adventure awaits. 

New stamp card on Reima app

We have a new reward program - a stamp card! Download Reima App and collect stamps by shopping, you receive a stamp for every 60€ spent. Rewards will be waiting for you after the third and sixth stamps!

Reima x
Klaus Haapaniemi

You are invited to explore a new world of wonder. A place where kids can wander fearlessly, question endlessly, and imagine out loud.

Let the sun shine, not burn

With our SunProof beachwear, you can have fun in the sun for up to 50 times longer than without protective clothing. 

Beat the heat with Xylitol Cool 

Active kids need active clothes. Like our Xylitol Cool gear, made with a sweet innovation that cools kids’ skin by up to 1-3 °C as they sweat.