Our product lifecycle

Durability in the core of designing and manufacturing

Careful design and choice of materials can greatly reduce the environmental impact caused by the wash and care of our products.

Reima provides tips and information on proper wash and care of Reima® products to consumers in order to extend the product’s lifecycle.

Timeless and functional design does not fade away with passing trends.

Repair, reuse, recycle...

It is better for the environment and thus for us all that we take care of our goods, repair them, and use them up. Reima offers patching materials and foot loops for repair of Reima® clothing that is less than one year old. Please contact our customer service to find out more.

Reima® products are durable so they can be passed on to new users. There are consumer groups e.g. in Facebook that buy and sell used Reima® clothing and footwear. Reima cooperates with Emmy, Finland’s largest online store for pre-owned brand apparel. Now at emmystore.com, also consumers outside Finland can shop for used high-quality Reima wear.

Exploring new procedures, which reduce waste is an ongoing process for us:
E.g. minimizing material loss in production. We have also eliminated all unnecessary packaging during transportation.

Key partnerships