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Reima winter collection

It’s time to suit up, boot up and go outside! Our new winter collection offers everything your kid needs to get the most out of winter outdoor moments while staying warm and dry. This year we bring back previous favorites in addition to welcoming brand new styles.

84 items

Winter has been our favourite Season for 75 years. Gear up for the cold weather and discover our newest winter arrivals!
We’ve spent over 75 years on creating childrens' clothing so they can make more of life in the Finnish wilderness. Our fascination with the works of art created by Mother Nature and Winter has now inspired our latest winter collection.
Reima's new winter arrivals are here! Here you will find warm winter clothes and accessories to keep your child warm even during the coldest days. We have also collected here our wool and fleece clothes and accessories for layer dressing, which help making your middle season clothes warmer, too!