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Experience the joy of movement with ReimaGO! It adds a new dimension of joy to kids’ activity and creates an inspiring and fun experience for kids, based on their real-life activity.


ReimaGO kids’ activity tracker

The tracker measures activity all day long. The waterproof and robust tracker is easy to take with you and it looks cool! Your child can wear the tracker on a colorful wristband or keep it in a pocket.

When worn, ReimaGO starts recording activity whenever your kid moves. The tracker measures the intensity and duration of movement, along with estimated steps and distance. It was developed in collaboration with Suunto, a Finnish sports equipment manufacturer. The tracker requires ReimaGO app in order to work.


ReimaGO app

Activity information from the tracker is transferred to the ReimaGO app. In the free app a character called Goey moves through changing landscapes based on how much the child has moved during the day. Together they can uncover fun surprises and rewards along the way! Goey will move when the tracker is synchronised with the app.

You can sync the whole family with the same app, follow your results, participate in fun activity challenges and find more inspiration and ideas to move together!

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This is ReimaGO

  • Kids’ activity tracker
  • Engaging app
  • Steps and distance
  • Inspiring content
  • Fun challenges
  • Swim friendly
  • Age 3 to 10
  • 6 months battery life


ReimaGO kid’s activity tracker and app are designed for



Kids are thrilled to see their own movement mobilise the game character and power it through the playful world. The results are visualised in an understandable and compelling way for the kids motivating them to move and play more.



With ReimaGO you can support your kid’s activity and participate in the fun yourself. In order to join, connect your Google Fit or Apple Health to ReimaGO!



It’s more fun to experience the joy of movement together as a family! See the collective results, take on fun challenges and create your own ones.


Using ReimaGO kids’ activity trackers with a group

With the help of ReimaGO, early childhood education professionals can follow kids’ daily activity levels and increase awareness of the importance of an active lifestyle.

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What people are saying

The graphics on the app are delightful, both the kids and I enjoy them. My kids like wearing the trackers on wristbands - as they both have their own, it makes them feel very important.

— Mom from Finland

My daughter just loves to see how much she has moved during the day and how many rockets she has received from active movement.

— Dad from Finland

We saw an increase in my son's efforts to be more active as he wanted to progress in the virtual world.

— Dad from the UK

ReimaGO App features

Synchronize the daily energy from the ReimaGO activity tracker.
Use the synchronized energy to reach new exciting levels.
Always be up-to-date on how active your kid is!
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Picture of Goey

" Hi! I'm kids' faithful companion Goey in their quest for moving more. I've come to Earth to bring the joy of movement for all kids and families around the world.

Join me in this exciting journey on the free ReimaGO app, I'm sure we'll experience many wonderful adventures together! :) "