Will it be a winter baby or a summer's child? Here are two lovely Moomin-themed Baby Boxes for you to choose from! We've hand picked our premium baby wear in Nordic designs, packed along with all the essentials your baby will need during the first six months. This box is a wonderful way to start your journey into parenthood, and it's a perfect baby shower gift, too.


Why Reima Baby Box?


History of the Baby Box in Finland

Finnish Baby Box

For over 70 years, the state of Finland has given new parents a starter kit full of essentials for newborn babies, from clothing and towels to a bedtime toy, packed in a handy box. In 1949, the maternity package was one of many initiatives to increase birth rates and decrease infant mortality in Finland.

The first commercial Finnish Baby Box was created by three Finnish fathers who wanted to bring this smart starter kit to families around the world. Their company Finnish Baby Box became part of Reima in 2017, and it uses Reima's high-quality baby products. In 2020, the traditional box got a Moomin design theme and joined Reima's product collection. Soon thereafter, the Summer Baby Box was developed.

Now you can choose between these two compact Finnish Baby Boxes with a full selection of premium Nordic-design Moomin baby products - or maybe even order them both, just to be perfectly prepared!