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Clothes made from oysters? Shell yes!

Meet Osteri jacket, the ultimate combination of warmth and weather-resistance, featuring Seawool® technology that turns recycled oyster shells into superb comfort for outdoor adventures.

Osteri jacket all colors
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The world’s first commercial Infinna™ hoodie for kids

Courage is needed when developing something totally new, but Reima has never been afraid of new experiences. In this pilot, we tested a new European co-operation model in clothes production, and as a result Uudesti hoodie was born. The hoodie is made with innovative Finnish Infinna™ fibers.

For now, the hoodie is only available for purchase in Finland.

Soft shell against the elements

Our softshell gear is soft, cozy and made to keep rain, wind and even dirt out. Shop the Softshell collection and see why it’s an absolute must for your child’s closet this fall!

softshell collection

Let it rain

No matter the weather, your kid will be ready with our rain gear. Made from recycled materials and designed with plenty of functional details, these garments are the perfect way to protect them from spring showers or summer storms.

They're easy to slide over regular clothes - so kids don't have to miss out on any outdoor fun!

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Embrace Autumn with Light-Insulated Outerwear

When the winter overall is still too warm for the autumn, a great option for the cooler autumn days is light-insulated outerwear, including jackets, pants, and overalls.

And when it gets colder it's easy to add mid layers for more warmth! These products are wind- and waterproof, made of breathable and durable materials that dry quickly after washing.

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winter 2023 collection

Gear up for freeze-proof fun

Winter is coming and we're all about making outdoor adventures unforgettable! Our new winter collection is here to equip your little explorers with everything they need to embrace the chilly season while staying warm and dry.


This is what sustainability looks like

A child’s joy is our most important responsibility as adults. At Reima, we provide the gear so you can focus on what’s essential; nurturing curiosity, inspiring adventure, and creating joy. Your kid can enjoy outdoors in gear that's protective, non-toxic, and made from superior materials.


About us

We believe that small ideas can have a big impact. This is why, for 75 years, we've had our hearts set on one thing: to create clothes and services that let kids live curiously, whatever the weather.


Kids clothing for active kids

Reima is the leading premium performance wear brand for active children. We provide a good quality, year-around, tip-to-toe wardrobe for children, ages 0 to 12. We want them to discover the joy of movement, which will stick with them for the rest of life. Reima has been here for every day, every weather, every experience, wherever adventure awaits, since 1944.

We have the best selection within outerwear, like jackets for both summer and winter and trousers as well. Designed to handle any winter weather, our award-winning snowsuits are renowned for their exceptional warmth and waterproofing, making them a staple choice for all winter adventures. All our outerwear is perfect for demanding and changing weather in all seasons. For the sunny days, we have a great UV-protective swimwear collection, with a sun protective factor 50+. For the rainy days, you find colourful rainwear, made of safe flexible materials. Functional mid layers and innerwear is what makes the kids able to play for a long time.

We have a great selection of kids’ shoes, waterproof, functional and machine-washable. Everything your kid’s needs, when they go out and have fun whatever the weather.

As Reima is a company that focuses 100% on kids, we also look at sustainability through the same lens. We always ensure non-toxic clothing, footwear and accessories that allow kids to move and explore the world around them.