Research and material development

We test and develop more sustainable materials

One of the key objectives of our product development is to reduce the need for washing by improving dirt and water resistance. We are constantly looking for new materials and finishings that are more biodegradable and cause less damage to the environment. Reima rainwear and windfleece garments do not have any surface treatments at all, and as of autumn 2017, we treat our other outdoor clothing to be dirt-resistant entirely without fluorocarbons.

Ideally durable synthetic fibres would be recycled as many times as possible into new products before ultimately incinerating the fibres. To identify new recycling opportunities, Reima has participated in the EU's Trash-2-Cash research project. The work resulted in several recyclable product ideas: rain wear, fleece based on cellulosic fibres, elastic jeans without elastane, and a low-impact base/mid layer material, among others.

We only use chemicals that are safe and allowed

REACH is the EC Regulation on chemicals and their safe use. Reima and its suppliers are obliged to follow REACH’s regulation and restrictions. We don't use any chemicals that are banned by REACH.

All materials and trims in Reima garments must conform to the strictest chemical limit values set on children's wear. We carry out systematic laboratory testing to confirm this. Moreover, customs officials perform continuous random testing of our products.

We care about animal welfare

All fur in Reima® products is imitation fur.

All down and feathers in Reima® down clothes are byproducts of poultry production. They are certified to have been produced in an ethical manner (no force-feeding or plucking live birds). Reima will take the Responsible Down Standard labelling into use in autumn 2018.

When we use merino wool in our products, we make sure that the wool-bearing lambs are not treated using the painful mulesing method of eliminating parasites.

Continuous testing of material quality and safety

We assure the quality of all materials and trimmings with lab tests before production, according to purpose: e.g. tests on water resistance, abrasion resistance, durability, functionality, breathability, color fastness to washing, tear strength, Sun Protection Factor and many more.

Key Partnerships