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Easy parenting with
75 years of experience

We at Reima have designed clothes to keep children on the move since 1944, in Finland and abroad, in every season and every weather.

By sharing top tips and secrets, we’ll help keep you geared up for fast-paced family adventures. With less to worry and more to enjoy, you can focus on living and loving life on the go. A friend in need is a friend indeed, right?

    Here's what we promise:
  • Tips
    Tips and helpful information
    We’ll send you relevant, time-saving tips which will help your busy life.
  • Events
    Invitations to interesting events, test groups and competitions
    We’ll invite you to events and test groups that are in line with our purpose – making your everyday life with kids easier and more fun
  • Lab
    A chance to have your say
    You’re invited to join Reima Lab, our think-tank for kidswear that’s fit for tomorrow’s adventures.
  • Sneak
    Sneak peeks into new collections
    You’ll have early access to each season’s collection, ensuring that you’ll be front of the queue for anything that tickles your fancy.
  • Repairs
    Repairs made easy
    Although Reima clothes handle a lot of wear and tear, in case of rips and cuts we provide patches for the repair.

Sounds mighty good, right?


There’s rarely a spare minute between the joys of parenthood. And yet, you’re supposed to fix your kids with the right gear for everything from rain or shine, heat to sleet, snow and ice.