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The world’s first commercial Infinna™ hoodie for kids

Reima Uudesti hoodie gives new life to worn-out textiles - talk about closing the loop! The hoodie is made with innovative Finnish Infinna™ fibers. For now, the hoodie is only available for purchase in Finland and for testers in Sweden and Germany.

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What is Infinna™?

Your old sheets, the jeans you loved to pieces and all other worn-out textiles can be recycled into new clothes. Infinna™ technology takes cellulose from trashed textiles and turns it into new, clean fibers. And so Infinna™ fiber is born, the unique textile fiber that looks and feels like cotton.

From waste to wonderful

We’re here for a more sustainable future. In the clothing industry, the biggest climate impact comes from material production. That’s why we’re always looking for new alternative materials with smaller carbon footprints. We’re already utilizing plastic bottles as a material source, but now for the first time ever, we’re turning discarded post-consumer textiles into new commercial Reima children’s clothes. But why did we choose Infinna™ fibers for our product? 

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Growing and processing cotton takes land, water, energy and labour. The premium regenerated Infinna fibers reduce our need to produce new virgin materials, as it originates 100% from waste. Like cotton, Infinna is completely biodegradable. In textiles, Infinna works like cotton: it absorbs moisture, breathes, and is comfortable to wear.


Producing the Infinna fibers takes a fraction of the water needed to produce a similar amount of cotton. This saves valuable fresh water for people and other nature. Of all textiles produced in the world, currently roughly one fifth is cotton. The more we can replace by regenerated fiber, the more water we save.


Infinna fibers are born from discarded textiles and are completely recyclable. When we use waste to regenerate new fibers, we reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills and incineration. Moreover, Infinna allows for added value to be gained in the process, often called upcycling, when worn-out, discarded textiles can become new, premium fibers for textiles and clothing.

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We are so excited to partner with Reima, iconic Finnish children’s wear brand. Uudesti hoodie is the first commercial kidswear product made with Infinna™. Together with brands like Reima, we can push textile circularity forward for the benefit of kids - who are the future.

Kirsi Roine, Key Account Director at Infinited Fiber Company

Brave steps forward

Courage is needed when developing something totally new, but Reima has never been afraid of new experiences. In this pilot, we tested a new European co-operation model in clothes production, and as a result Uudesti hoodie was born. Uudesti is made with 50% Infinna™ fiber and the rest is organic cotton. With this first small patch of hoodies, we explore the possibilities in circular kids’ wear. Uudesti hoodie is a classic, unisex style that can be passed from one kid to another. It’s their soft and comfy companion for every adventure.

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Making dreams come true

This test pilot is an important baby step towards greener clothing. We want to thank all partners and participants who gave their input and expertise. We at Reima are passionate about sustainable design and responsible decisions, and we’ve already come a long way. Read more about our sustainability initiatives here.

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