Softshell is a true all-in-one

Why every kid’s closet needs softshell

Our softshell outfits are perfect for kids on the move. The soft, flexible material is comfortable but tough, and can be worn year-round. Wind and waterproof protection make softshell products perfect for any weather, too.

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Versatility means warmth all year long

One of things parents love most about our softshell styles is that they work all year long. Kids can wear a softshell top as a jacket during warmer months and as a cozy mid-layer during the colder months. A detachable hood can be removed for easier layering, or kept on to protect against chilly weather and rain.

Meet Vantti - our best-selling softshell jacket!

Kids love it because it feels so soft and comfy. And parents love how it keeps the wind, rain and even dirt out.

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