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Let kids be kids and play in any weather

Kidswear should make your life easier, not harder. That's why we're here: as the number one kidswear brand from Finland, Reima gears up your kids for an active life filled with joy, whatever the weather.

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  • Sustainable design: From material innovations to recycling initiatives, we put responsibility into every step and make it also easier for you to make more sustainable choices.

  • Durable apparel: Like joy, our gear is made to be passed on. Reima clothes are so durable they can be worn by several kids. It's also a shortcut to everyday sustainability.

  • Versatile styles: We add little details that let you use the clothes in different weather conditions and activities from slopes to city streets. You'll need less gear and save money and the environment.

  • Weatherproof performance: Your kid can adventure year-round always keeping dry and comfortable. With almost 80 years of experience of the four seasons, you can take our word for it!

  • Loving the outdoors: Kids playing freely grow up to be happy, healthy and nature-loving adults. Every kid deserves an active childhood and with Reima gear they can enjoy it in any weather.

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Reima Friends enjoy special benefits and get 10% off plus free delivery for their first purchase.

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We're known for our award-winning, sustainably designed products. Sustainable design means that our products are always safe, non-toxic and so durable they stand the test of time and multiple users. Our quality has been recognized, too: our products have won multiple awards in various industry competitions and consumer tests.

Our goals and achievements

Our mission is clear: we need to take care of our planet for our kids. Here are some highlights of our sustainability journey in 2023.

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