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Dressing in layers

How can I make sure that my child will be warm enough but won't sweat?

The key to dressing correctly is to dress in layers, which you can modify according to the weather. Different materials work well in layers and the air that is trapped between the layers provides warmth.

  • The base layer allows the skin to breathe

  • The mid layer keeps the warmth in

  • The outer layer provides protection from the wind and cold

Dressing in layers -Base layer

1. Base layer

  • A functional baselayer helps keep the skin dry, as wet skin cools down 25 times faster

  • It removes moisture from the skin and transfers it to other layers

  • Wool transfers and absorbs moisture, but provides warmth even when it is wet

2. Midlayer

  • The mid layer provides additional warmth

  • Make sure that it is loose enough – tightly packed layers don't warm

  • A fleece is breathable, warm and easy-care

  • Wool is warm even when wet

  • Also a lightly quilted vest or jacket can be used as a midlayer


3. Outer layer

  • The outer layer protects from the weather

  • A waterproof and breathable outer layer keeps the wind and rain out, yet lets sweat evaporate outside