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Day care essentials

How to prep like a pro

Getting kids to day care on time and with everything they need can be a everyday hassle. But not to worry - we got you covered. Here's all the essential gear you'll need for a smooth start.

Our top picks for day care

Excited for your little one's first day at daycare? Not sure what to pack? With these tips you'll make sure this is a joyful and memorable experience for both you and your kiddo.

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Pack clothes like a pro

You won’t be there to hunt down sweaters and mittens, so pack a bag to leave at the daycare with everything your kid might need.

When dressing for the day, layers are the best way to keep your kid comfortable both indoors and out. Choose a breathable base layer, warm mid layer and comfortable, protective outer layer. It’s always a good idea to pack a full change of clothes too, just in case.

Here are some more tips to make sure this big step in your kid’s life (and your life) goes as smoothly as possible:

  • The first day of daycare is a big day -so talk about what kids can expect. What is daycare? What will they do there? If you’re excited about it, your kid will be too.

  • Especially younger kids might sometimes feel a little homesick. You can help your kid feel more at ease by letting them choose a comfort object to take along, such as a favorite toy or security blanket.

  • Everything that goes with your kid to daycare should be labeled with your kid’s name, including clothing. This will not only keep special items from getting lost, but will also help daycare employees keep track of which items belong to which kid.

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Lammikko Rain Pants - a day care must-have

Even though Reima clothes are waterproof, it's advised to pack some rainwear. Because let's face it, kids and puddles have an unbreakable bond. Enter the superhero of rain pants: Lammikko! With its soft material, these pants will save you from soggy disasters and can be used year-around.

Sizes: 74-128

Available in 8 colors.

Soft shell against the elements

Softshell overall Mjosa is soft and comfy, yet protects kids from wind, rain and dirt through the season.

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Daycare Page Amfibi boots

For professionals of puddle play

The new Reima Amfibi rain boots are lightweight and super easy. As the name says, they’re at home on dry land as well as in water. With amphibian-inspired fun design and handy handles, any kid can pull them on quickly and head outside to hop in the puddles!

Waterproof Reimatec style

Our classic Kaura pants are loved by kids and parents! They're super easy to pull on and off - thanks to the smooth polyester lining inside.

Size: 80-140

EA23 Daycare Kaura pants