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Kids nightwear and underwear - cuddly soft and dreamy

Cosy pyjamas are the perfect way for children to fall asleep. Discover the kids‘ nightwear in the Reima shop now and order gorgeous pyjamas for your kids easily online.

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    What should I wear for my child to sleep?

    For a peaceful and healthy sleep, it is important that your child is well protected at night. Kid’s nightwear should therefore be comfortable without constricting and keep them cosy and warm without overheating. High-quality children's nightwear is made of soft, skin-friendly and breathable materials with good moisture management.Children's pyjamas should fit well and not be too big, otherwise they can easily slip or be pulled off. This is especially dangerous for toddlers and babies. For them, you should therefore not choose classic two-piece pyjamas, but rather a baby bodysuit or a sleep overall that cannot slip over the head.

    How do I find the right underwear for my children?

    If you want to buy underwear or nightwear for your children, you are spoilt for choice. Many cute prints and motifs offer plenty of scope for adorable bedtime outfits. It is important that you always choose pyjamas for your children that match the season. As with the rest of the children's clothing, it can be a bit more in winter. So that the little ones don't get cold when they kick the blanket away at night, long-sleeved children's pyjamas made of warming materials are recommended. On hot summer nights, short-sleeved children's nightwear or an airy nightgown is perfectly adequate.

    What should I look for when buying kids‘ nightwear?

    Children's pyjamas should be loose, soft and comfortable. Elastic cuffs are a good solution so that they don't slip despite the loose fit. Reima children's nightwear, for example, has extra wide ribbed cuffs that keep the pyjamas in place without cutting in.With two-piece pyjamas, you should also make sure that the top is long enough to cover the back completely. Classic children's T-shirts are also suitable as kids‘ nightwear, but they are often cut shorter. This means they slip up easily during sleep and expose the sensitive kidney region.

    What to look for when buying kids‘ underwear?

    While pyjamas are meant to keep children warm and protected at night, underwear is worn throughout the day. Since the kids still wear their normal children's clothes over them, it is important that the kids‘ underwear fits well. They should not slip, cut or wrinkle. The best choice is therefore classic children's underwear made of cotton, which moulds well to the shape of the body.It is also important that children's underwear is breathable. Long functional underwear is a good choice for the cold season. They were specially developed as a warming base layer for the winter.

    What materials should I look for in children's pyjamas?

    Kid‘s nightwear is worn directly on the skin. It is therefore more important that they are made from high-quality materials that are free of harmful substances. In the Reima Shop you will only find children's nightwear made from carefully selected fabrics such as organic cotton. For products with wool content, we use certified raw materials according to the Responsible Wool Standard.Cotton is often the best choice when you want to buy airy underwear or light pyjamas for children. Only in the cold season warming functional materials or a wool blend may be more suitable.

    Order high quality children's nightwear online

    Bedtime is a breeze with kids‘ underwear and nightwear from Reima. In the Reima shop you will find many adorable pyjamas that keep your child safe and warm and are also beautiful eye-catchers.