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Kids' dresses

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    Girls' dresses in colourful designs for every occasion

    Whether it's an airy summer dress or an elegant festive dress: girls' dresses are already very trendy for the very young ones. They are as comfortable as they are decorative and cut a fine figure for each occasion. From sporty everyday dresses to lovingly designed floral dresses, there is something here for every taste.

    Order high-quality and sustainable girls' dresses online

    Children's clothes have to withstand a lot in everyday life. Children love to move and play outside in all weathers. Children's clothing is tested by the toughest test group in the world, our children.As a Finnish company with over 75 years of experience, Reima knows what matters when it comes to designing and manufacturing children's fashion. A comfortable cut that offers children as much freedom of movement as possible is just as important to us as the use of non-toxic materials that have been tested for harmful substances. Sustainability is also one of the most important aspects in the development of Reima children's clothes. From material innovations to recycling initiatives, we consider even the smallest details.

    Buy girls' dresses for all ages at Reima

    In our shop you will find many beautiful dresses for girls of all ages. Looking for a cute dress for a toddler? Discover the large selection of practical and durable dresses for everyday wear and festive children's dresses for special occasions in sizes 86 to 110. You'll also find enchanting children's dresses in many popular designs for children of school age at Reima. They are available in sizes 116 to 164.

    Airy girls' dresses in cheerful colours for summer

    When the temperatures rise, it's time for a breezy summer dress. Discover colourful, child-friendly dresses for summer at Reima, featuring breathable and cooling natural materials such as cotton and viscose which are super durable.For maximum protection, the girls' dresses from Reima have additional features such as the cooling Xylitol Cool finish. This has a cooling effect during physical activities and prevents overheating.You can also buy girls' dresses with UV protection in the Reima shop, which will protect your child from sun damage at the beach and in the garden. We have designed the fit in a way that your girl can move freely in her dress.In summer we love colours, that's why you'll find especially many colourful models with beautiful patterns and designs among the summer dresses.

    Festive dresses for special occasions

    On special days, girls especially love to get dressed up. A beautiful festive dress is just the right choice. Whether it's for Christmas, a birthday or starting school - at Reima you'll also find festive children's dresses in good quality. Not only do they look good, but like all our children's clothes, they are hard-wearing, tested for harmful substances, safe and sustainably produced.