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Easy care instructions

When it’s about fun, a little dirt never hurts. Our easy care instructions wipe out the stress of coming back in.

Reima outfits are dirt-repellent and easy to care for, and they don't contain harmful chemicals. You'll save energy, water, detergent and effort - spend less time doing laundry and have more fun outside! Here are a few proven washing tips to make everyday life easier. Be sure to always check the care instructions on the product.

Care inst. easy laundry tips

Easy laundry tips

  • Reima outerwear doesn't need to be washed as often – just rinse off the dirt or simply wipe clean.

  • If clothes get really dirty, wash them inside out at 40 °C, don't use fabric softener.

  • Dry inside out at room temperature.

  • Products marked with the “tumble dry” symbol can be tumble-dried or cabin-dried at a low temperature.

  • Mittens dry quickly if you turn them inside out, but be careful not to pull out the lining.

  • To revive the water and dirt repellent finish, tumble-dry the garment for ca. 15 minutes. This is OK for all garments, excluding traditional rainwear which doesn't need it.

  • Outerwear and shoes will repel water and dirt even better if you use a protective spray. You can also impregnate garments in the wash.

Outdoor clothes

Wash less, enjoy more

Why do we ask you to wash less? Each wash consumes the product, so only machine wash when necessary.

  • Do up the zips and other fasteners to prevent them from damaging fabrics.

  • If stubborn stains appear, you can use a stain remover (test it on the inside first) and wash the product without turning it inside out.

  • To protect the colors, don't leave the clothes to soak.

Don't use fabric softener
  • Fabric softeners can reduce the breathability of waterproof fabrics and the elasticity of jerseys.

Dry the clothes at room temperature
  • Outdoor clothes dry more quickly inside out.

  • You can also use a drying cabinet or tumble dryer below 40 °C if the care instructions permit this. Too much heat can damage the garment.

Care inst. outdoor gear
Care Instructions Shoes


Instructions for mucky paws

We've made Reima footwear as easy to care for as possible:

  • You can spray the shoe with a protective spray.

  • Wipe off loose dirt with a brush or damp cloth.

  • Some Reima shoes can also be machine-washed.

  • Keep rubber boots away from heat and sunlight.


Always wash with care
  • Chlorine and salty seawater weaken the fibers, so rinse your swimwear after every use.

  • Wash UV-protective outfits after each day of use with mild, bleach-free detergent below 40 °C

  • If sand gets inside the jersey, stretch the fabric when it has dried, gently working on one small area at a time to get the sand out.

Don't use fabric softener
  • Fabric softeners can reduce elasticity.

  • Don't wash swimwear with clothes with velcro fasteners as the rough fastener may damage the jersey.

Dry out of the sun
  • Heat and ultraviolet rays can reduce elasticity.

  • High-quality swimwear will dry quickly in the shade!

care instructions swimwear
Care instructions woolly clothes

Woolly clothes

Caring for woolly clothes
  • Reima woollens are usually machine washable - check the care label, though.

  • No care label on the product? Wash the garment by hand at 30 °C.

  • Avoid soaking and rubbing.

  • Top tip for lazy laundering in freezing weather: take woolly clothes outside to air or give them a proper snow-wash!

Dry woollens flat
  • Dry woolly clothes flat to keep the shape.

  • Choose a well aired place out of direct sunlight.

Baby clothes

Pay attention to material choices
  • Babywear often needs a daily wash.

  • Favor materials that can be machine-washed when necessary.

Wash gently
  • Avoid strongly scented detergents and rinse the products thoroughly.

  • There is no need to use fabric softener.

  • You can treat stubborn stains with gall soap before machine-washing.

  • Most Reima wear dries quickly at room temperature."

Care instructions baby clothes