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Anti-Bite insect repellent clothing

Fight the bite​

Worrying about bug bites is no fun and that’s where Reima Anti-Bite insect repellent clothes comes in! Without harming bugs, the innovative finish repels all kinds of buzzers and crawlies and lets kids enjoy themselves without a care. ​So mosquitos, move on! Ticks, take a hike! And flies, fly away!

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What is Reima Anti-Bite?

The Reima Anti-Bite insect repellent clothing stops bugs in their tracks and keeps kids safe from nasty nippers and harsh chemicals.

The insect-repellent finish in Reima Anti-Bite clothing is long-lasting, yet biodegradable - it repels insects without harming them. The repellent effect of the finish is extremely durable and has been tested to endure at least 100 washes.​

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Anti-Bite kids' hoodie Varmistus

Casual comfort and fun prints come together in Varmistus hoodie. Wearing it keeps kids bug-free as the Anti-Bite insect-repelling finish protects them by repelling many hungry insects. Varmistus is a hoodie for any and all nature outings! ​

Available in 2 colors.

Sizes: 116-164

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Anti-Bite Suojaaja hoodie 1080x1080

Anti-Bite toddlers' hoodie Suojaaja

Treated with Reima Anti-Bite finish, Suojaaja is aptly named as it is Finnish for ‘The Protector’. Suojaaja is made to keep kids warm and protected! ​

Available in 2 colors.

Sizes: 92-110

Anti-Bite toddlers' jacket Turvassa

Stay safe with Turvassa! The reflective print jacket combines warmth, comfort and protection as it has a detachable hood and Reima Anti-Bite treatment. Bugs stay away and kids get to play safely! ​

Available in 2 colors.

Sizes: 92-110

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Protecting your children with insect repellent clothing

Insects can be a nuisance, especially for kids who love spending time outdoors. From annoying mosquito bites to potentially harmful tick-borne diseases, it's essential to protect children from these pesky creatures. While insect repellents are commonly used, another effective solution is kids insect repellent clothing. Read more and explore the benefits, working mechanism, and factors to consider when choosing insect repellent clothing for children.

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Benefits of kids’ insect repellent clothing

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Reima mosquito repellent clothing treated with the effective but biodegradable insect repellent IR3535 offers numerous benefits for kids, providing them with gentle and reliable protection against a wide range of insects. When this specialized repellent is applied to the fabric, it becomes non-toxic and odorless for humans, but it creates an unfavorable scent for mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and many other pests. By wearing insect repellent clothing, children can significantly reduce the risk of irritating insect bites and potential diseases transmitted by these pests. This innovative technology allows kids to fully enjoy their outdoor activities without the constant worry of insects, creating a more enjoyable and safer experience overall. With the added layer of defense provided by insect repellent clothing, parents can ensure their children's peace of mind while exploring the great outdoors.

Insect repellent pants and socks: Keeping ticks away from your legs

Ticks can be a common concern when spending time outdoors, especially in wooded areas or tall grass. Fortunately, Reima's Anti-Bite insect repellent pants and socks provide an effective solution to keep ticks at bay and protect your legs from these tiny pests.

Insect repellent pants are treated with non-toxic and biodegradable insect repellent keeping ticks away from your child's legs. Anti-Bite pants effectively deter ticks from latching onto the fabric. By outfitting your kids in Reima's Anti-Bite insect repellent pants and socks, they can confidently explore nature, reassured that ticks are discouraged from latching into the pants or climbing up the insect repellent socks.

Mosquito repellent shirts and hats for sting free evening

Insect and mosquito repellent shirts are great way to keep mosquitos from stinging on those calm evenings when the buzz is at its peak. Anti-Bite treated mosquito repellent shirts and hats act as a deterrent, preventing mosquitoes from landing on your kids' clothing and effectively keeping them and other bugs at bay. The insect-repellent finish in Anti-Bite clothing is not only long-lasting but also biodegradable and non-toxic, effectively repelling insects without causing them harm. The exceptional durability of the repellent effect has been thoroughly tested and proven to withstand at least 100 washes.