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Woolly and baby clothes



Washing and caring for woolly clothes
Always take care to read the washing instructions. If the instructions do not state a recommended washing temperature, wash the garment at 30 °C. The newest woolly clothes are normally machine-washable but if the washing instructions state that the garment should be hand-washed or washed very delicately, it is a good idea to wash it by hand. Wool is a fairly sensitive material, so avoid soaking it and rubbing it unnecessarily. Top tip in freezing weather: take woolly clothes outside to air or give them a proper snow-wash! Freezing air will freshen up the garment and it will not need to be washed as often.

Dry flat
Always dry woolly clothes flat so that they do not lose their shape. Choose a suitably warm and well aired place in which to dry woolly clothes and avoid direct sunlight.

Wash gently
When you wash baby clothes, avoid strongly scented detergents and take care to rinse the products thoroughly. This ensures that your baby's skin only comes into contact with clean clothes and nothing else. There is no need to use fabric softener. Stubborn stains may be difficult but they can be treated with gall soap before machine-washing – this will detach dirt as easily and gently as possible.

Pay attention to material choices
The littlest one's clothes often need to be washed daily. That is why it is a good idea to favour sustainable, natural materials that can be machine-washed when necessary. All of the clothes in our Newborn selection are machine-washable to ensure that you have more time for playing with your little one.

Dry the clothes at room temperature
All Reima Newborn clothes can be easily dried at room temperature.