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Climate change is threatening our Nordic heritage – without snow there’s no snow play. Please sign the petition.

Reima and POW team up to save playing in the snow 

Playing in the snow has always been an important part of growing up for Nordic kids— and at Reima, we’re happy to have helped them enjoy snowy days for 75 years. Now, as climate change threatens this cultural tradition, we’ve teamed up with Protect Our Winters (POW) to ensure future generations can do the same.

The POWer of teamwork

"POW was founded by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007 with the goal of turning passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates. Originally gaining most of its support from the snowsports community, it’s now a social movement with a worldwide network of over 130,000 supporters. Since 2015, the organisation has also been active in Finland.

“Snow and winter bring tremendous joy to children, so it’s our adult responsibility to protect them for future generations, ”says Niklas Kaskeala, President of POW Finland."

Stop the climate crisis from snowballing

"We agree with this 100%. So, while POW Finland works to influence decision-makers and companies to tackle this climate crisis, we’re keen to inspire parents to do the same. With this in mind, we’re joining the POW campaign. Our aim is simple: to showcase the importance of traditional snow games by getting them added to the Unesco World Heritage List.

To do this, we’re reaching out to our customers with the aim of getting 20,000 of them to sign our petition. To communicate with as many people as possible, we’re promoting this campaign via our own Reima online store and retail stores and brand ambassadors.

Together, we hope to make a real difference protecting the snow games we all know and love. If you’d like to join us, why not sign the petition today."