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ReimaGO products are no longer part of our collection. However, already purchased ReimaGO sensors will work normally with ReimaGO app until June 2021. You can also use the ReimaGO app by connecting your phone's Google Fit or Apple Health app to it showing the steps calculated by your phone.

Given the chance, kids are able to adopt a healthy lifestyle already at a very young age. ReimaGO activity trackers and application provide early childhood educators a fun and easy-to-use solution to support this by validating and improving kids’ daily activity levels. ReimaGO gamifies kids’ collective, real-life play with an educational angle. Join us and over 6,000 kids on our mission to endorse an active childhood!
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How does ReimaGO work?

ReimaGO diagram

1. Move

ReimaGO activity trackers measure kids’ activity anywhere they go, while kids encourage each other through collective play!


2. Sync and Play

Synchronise kids’ activity data with the ReimaGO app, where they take on fun, educational challenges and travel around the globe. The more the kids move, the further they progress in the virtual world.


3. Analyse

Early childhood educators can get insights, analyse and learn from the data, in order to plan and make changes to the curriculum and activities based on facts.


Why ReimaGO?

For kids

  • Waterproof trackers let the kids focus on the joy movement, while ReimaGO tracks their activity levels throughout the day.

  • A positive and motivating way to introduce the importance of a healthy lifestyle by using digital tools.

  • Kids are collectively moving together towards common goals with an inspiring and understandable visualisation of their activity.

For educators

  • Ability to track individual kids' and the group’s activity data.

  • Opportunity for using data to customise early education to suit kids' needs.

  • Possibility to analyse several groups' activity data collectively through a separate platform.

For parents

  • With ReimaGO App, parents can view their kid's activity data on their own device.

  • An easy way to understand their kid's daily activities in kindergarten.

  • Bringing the joy of movement home supports active lifestyle.

Download fact sheet

Download our fact sheet to learn how you can use ReimaGO in your kindergarten or school. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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What people are saying

ReimaGO has supported different areas of kids growth and development.


of community and their ability to encourage each other. It’s been amazing to see how they created their own activities and games together as a group.


Sometimes individuals seem to be more or less active than they actually are. Through our findings from ReimaGO data, we’ve been able to clarify our previous assumptions on our kids’ activity levels.




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