Fun on the beach

The look

Summer-time means beach-time. When enjoying the warm sand, it's important that the kids are fully protected. This sunproof outfit has sunfactor 50+, is soft and wrinckle-free. Should the kids dare to go out in the water, the clothes will dry fast afterwards. Remember also to wear sunglasses, to protect the childs eyes.

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Toddlers' swim shirt Azores Hello yellow
Toddlers' swim shirt Azores
24.95 € 12.48 €
Toddlers' swim shorts Hawaii Hello yellow
Toddlers' swim shorts Hawaii
22.95 € 11.48 €
Sunglasses, Ranta pink Pink
Sunglasses, Ranta pink

Kids' swimsuit Sumatra Supreme pink
Kids' swimsuit Sumatra
26.95 € 13.48 €
Toddlers' swimshoes Tippy Hello yellow
Toddlers' swimshoes Tippy
34.95 € 13.98 €
Toddlers' hooded UV-shirt Barbados White
Toddlers' hooded UV-shirt Barbados

29.95 €

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