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Two choices with one jacket!

Jacket or west? You decide! This functional juniors' down jacket is light as a dream and you have 2in1: zip the sleeves off and wear it as a vest, too! Wear with our cooling jeans and popular machine washable sneakers. This outfit will work during spring and autumn days and even on cold summer evenings. Add a beanie and gloves for colder weather.


Kids' 2in1 light down jacket Fleet Blue
Kids' 2in1 light down jacket Fleet
89.95 € 44.98 €
Juniors' jeans Triton Navy blue
Juniors' jeans Triton
49.95 € 24.98 €
Reimatec shoes, Wetter Wash Soft blue Soft blue
Reimatec shoes, Wetter Wash Soft blue

79.95 €

Shirt, Ljung Melange grey Melange grey
Shirt, Ljung Melange grey
36.95 € 18.48 €
Juniors' softshell jacket Auger Navy blue
Juniors' softshell jacket Auger
69.95 € 34.98 €
Beanie, Lahti Navy Navy
Beanie, Lahti Navy
18.95 € 9.48 €
Kids' gloves Klippa Melange grey
Kids' gloves Klippa
12.95 € 6.48 €
Shirt, Cove Navy blue Navy blue
Shirt, Cove Navy blue
36.95 € 18.48 €
Socks, Polku Navy Navy
Socks, Polku Navy
16.95 € 8.48 €
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