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The look

Moisture-wicking is the magic word for Reima Athleisure wear! Feel cool, stay dry and play on in your favourite gear for one more hour.
Both Summer on the GO and in the sports halls, this is the perfect active outfit.
Don't forget your ReimaGO sensor :-)

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Reima drinking bottle Red
Reima drinking bottle

9.95 €

Kids' training shoes Shore Blue
Kids' training shoes Shore
54.95 € 27.48 €
Shorts, Plante Black Black
Shorts, Plante Black

26.95 €

Pants, Oleander Black Black
Pants, Oleander Black

39.95 €

Top, Sanikka Pink rose Pink rose
Top, Sanikka Pink rose

22.95 €

Socks, Path Pink rose Pink rose
Socks, Path Pink rose
14.95 € 7.48 €
Hoodie, Seemann Black Black
Hoodie, Seemann Black
44.95 € 22.48 €
Hoodie, Suvanto Aqua green Aqua green
Hoodie, Suvanto Aqua green
44.95 € 22.48 €
T-Shirt, Kogle Soft black Soft black
T-Shirt, Kogle Soft black
22.95 € 11.48 €
Juniors' windbreaker Unison Soft black
Juniors' windbreaker Unison
59.95 € 29.98 €
Sneakers, Fresh Slipon Bright red Bright red
Sneakers, Fresh Slipon Bright red
54.95 € 27.48 €
ReimaGO® strap Brave blue Brave blue
ReimaGO® strap Brave blue

9.95 €

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