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According to our over 70 years of experience, baby wear can never be too soft. We blend cotton with eco-friendly Tencel®, to make the natural fiber even softer and more absorbent than it already is!

All the garments in Reima® Newborn collection are entirely free from harmful chemicals. We design and produce them according to the strictest safety standards placed on baby clothing.


Babies' overall Sokeri Pastel green
Babies' overall Sokeri

26.95 €

Babies' fleece overall Jolla Off white
Babies' fleece overall Jolla
36.95 € 16.63 €
Babies' windfleece overall Tilhi Pastel green
Babies' windfleece overall Tilhi

64.95 €

Babies' overall Lemmikki Melange grey
Babies' overall Lemmikki
36.95 € 18.48 €
Babies' mittens Terho Off white
Babies' mittens Terho
14.95 € 7.48 €
Babies' booties Tintti Off white
Babies' booties Tintti
14.95 € 7.48 €
Babies' beanie Tiainen Off white
Babies' beanie Tiainen
18.95 € 9.48 €
Babies' bodysuit Ruoko Pale rose
Babies' bodysuit Ruoko
19.95 € 8.98 €
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