For puddle professionals

The look

Rain is entertainment at its best. Reima rainwear lets kids enjoy it safely.
We cut the practical styles roomy enough for kids to wear them on top of outerwear.
The super flexible material is waterproof and dirt repellent thanks to its PU surface that will take all seasons, even hard frost, without stiffening or cracking.

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Rain pants, Lammikko Summer green Summer green
Rain pants, Lammikko Summer green

26.95 €

Kids' beanie Lahti Yellow
Kids' beanie Lahti
18.95 € 9.48 €
Kids' rubber boots Taika Navy
Kids' rubber boots Taika

34.95 €

Kids' rain jacket Vesi Blue
Kids' rain jacket Vesi

39.95 €

Kids' fleece sweater Inrun Navy
Kids' fleece sweater Inrun
39.95 € 19.98 €
T-Shirt, Sjov White White
T-Shirt, Sjov White
22.95 € 11.48 €
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