Windfleece and softshell makes all weather good

The look

Do you already know about our windfleece material? It’s much like softshell, only with a fleece surface and an airy mesh inside. This multipurpose jacket is soft, ideal protection against wind and also light rains. A perfect choice for a windy day!

Match the colourful jacket with the windproof, yet breathable kids' softshell pants and the little outdoor heroes will be unstoppable! The pants are made out of waterproof and dirt repellent material, and super comfortable – find the best fit by adjusting the waist band.

Match it with the super popular classic waterproof sneakers, Wetter Wash, which is availabe in several bright and happy colours.

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Reimatec® shoes, Wetter Wash Soft grey Soft grey
Windfleece jacket, Vuoksi Bright red Bright red
ReimaGO® mid-season pants Hyppy Soft Grey

54.95 €

T-Shirt, Sjov White White

22.95 €

Beanie, Niemi Pink Pink

18.95 €

Mittens (knitted), Klistra Melange grey Melange grey
Softshell jacket, Vantti Bright red Bright red
Softshell jacket, April Bright red Bright red
Softshell overall, Kotilo Bright red Bright red