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As versatile as spring weather

It’s a great down jacket. Or a vest. With a hood, or without it. The choice is yours! Anyway, it’s windproof, water-repellent and warm - our new FLOAT down jacket.

Mix it with a pair of softshell pants, and our classic waterproof and mashine washable sneakers Wetter Wash, now in a new and bright colour. Put a hat on to protect from the windy weather.


Kids' beanie Uikku Pale rose
Kids' beanie Uikku
19.95 € 9.98 €
Kids' 2in1 light down jacket Float White
Kids' 2in1 light down jacket Float
89.95 € 44.98 €
Juniors' fleece sweater Lily Mint
Juniors' fleece sweater Lily
44.95 € 20.23 €
ReimaGO softshell pants Idole Soft green
ReimaGO softshell pants Idole
49.95 € 22.48 €
Kids' spring boots Wetter Wash Bright red
Kids' spring boots Wetter Wash

79.95 €

ReimaGO activity tracker Black
ReimaGO activity tracker

Kids' T-shirt Ebb Pink rose
Kids' T-shirt Ebb
26.95 € 13.48 €
Kids' socks 2-pack Polku Melange grey
Kids' socks 2-pack Polku

16.95 €

Kids' softshell gloves Eriste Black
Kids' softshell gloves Eriste
19.95 € 8.98 €
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