Play with layers

The look

The key word for changing spring weather is layered dressing. Each layer has its specific task, and the air that stays trapped between the layers will act as insulation.

A functional base layer wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping kids comfortable even when active play warms them up.

A mid layer gives additional warmth and is easy to remove if the conditions change. An easy-care fleece jacket is a good option, and on its own it also works as outerwear on warmer days.


And finally, a weatherproof, dirtrepellent cover layer. It protects against water and wind so that play won’t be interrupted – at least not by the weather.


PS. You can easily regulate the warmth of the whole outfit with different accessories. Remember to choose footwear that suits the weather, too!

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Kids' beanie Lahti Soft green
Kids' beanie Lahti
18.95 € 9.48 €
Reimatec mid-season jacket Korte Navy
Reimatec mid-season jacket Korte
99.95 € 39.98 €
Reimatec® shoes, Patter Wash Soft grey Soft grey
Reimatec® shoes, Patter Wash Soft grey

74.95 €

Kids' fleece sweater Inrun Navy
Kids' fleece sweater Inrun
39.95 € 19.98 €
ReimaGO® strap Brave blue Brave blue
ReimaGO® strap Brave blue

9.95 €

T-Shirt, Sjov White White
T-Shirt, Sjov White
22.95 € 11.48 €
Reimatec mid-season mittens Askare Black
Reimatec mid-season mittens Askare

29.95 €

Juniors' joggers Huhmar Blue
Juniors' joggers Huhmar

34.95 €

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