Happy 100th anniversary, Finland!

The look

Reima congratulates its home country and takes part in the celebration: many new products in our winter collection have very traditional Finnish names, such as Pirkko and Pentti!

Since 1944, Reima has been part of the 100 years of Finnish history. See how we were dressing up Finns at the time when great grandma was a toddler.

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Kids' beanie Laavu Light blue
Kids' beanie Laavu
26.95 € 10.78 €
Toddlers' wool beanie Kumpu Soft blue
Toddlers' wool beanie Kumpu
32.95 € 13.18 €
Down jacket, Juuri White White
Down jacket, Juuri White
129.95 € 64.98 €
Winter jacket, Pirkko Black Black
Winter jacket, Pirkko Black
119.95 € 47.98 €
Winter jacket, Pentti Black Black
Winter jacket, Pentti Black
119.95 € 59.98 €
Reimatec® winter overall Navy Navy
Reimatec® winter overall Navy
119.95 € 83.97 €
Reimatec® down overall Navy Navy
Reimatec® down overall Navy
149.95 € 59.98 €
Gloves (knitted), Osk Navy Navy
Gloves (knitted), Osk Navy

16.95 €

Reimatec winter mittens Tepas Soft blue
Reimatec winter mittens Tepas
32.95 € 16.48 €
Reimatec shoes Patter Wash Soft blue
Reimatec shoes Patter Wash

74.95 €

Reimatec® boots, Freddo Navy Navy
Reimatec® boots, Freddo Navy
84.95 € 42.48 €
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