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The softest gifts to the smallest one

The cutest gifts of the holiday season are given to the smallest one in the family. The softest garments, layer by layer, from tip to toe. Designed especially for delicate skin.


Beanie, Leo Light grey Light grey
Beanie, Leo Light grey

17.95 €

Babies' overall/sleeping bag Nalle Soft blue
Babies' overall/sleeping bag Nalle

89.95 €

Babies' fleece overall Alku Light grey
Babies' fleece overall Alku

44.95 €

Babies' overall Lyhde Off white
Babies' overall Lyhde

44.95 €

Babies' overall Nauraa Pink
Babies' overall Nauraa

26.95 €

Babies' overall Nauraa Navy
Babies' overall Nauraa

26.95 €

Babies' mittens Lepus Light grey
Babies' mittens Lepus
14.95 € 7.48 €
Babies' booties Levana Light grey
Babies' booties Levana

14.95 €

Babies' booties Lepo Off white
Babies' booties Lepo
16.95 € 8.48 €
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