The look

Comfort and warmth for winter babies

Base layer
Cotton with eco-friendly Tencel feels soft and absorbs moisture

Mid layer
Wool or fleece, the choice is yours - use more layers for more warmth, taking care not to pack baby too tightly

Cover layer
Our handy sleeping bag magically becomes overalls! Against wind and cold, with shell material of eco-friendly recycled polyester


Babies' wool beanie Lintu Yellow
Babies' wool beanie Lintu

29.95 €

Babies' balaclava Littlest Off white
Babies' balaclava Littlest
32.95 € 16.48 €
Babies' overall/sleeping bag Nalle Soft blue
Babies' overall/sleeping bag Nalle

89.95 €

Babies' overall Lyhde Off white
Babies' overall Lyhde

44.95 €

Overall, Nauraa Yellow Yellow
Overall, Nauraa Yellow

26.95 €

Bodysuit, Pentu Yellow Yellow
Bodysuit, Pentu Yellow

19.95 €

Mittens (knitted), Uninen Off white Off white
Mittens (knitted), Uninen Off white

16.95 €

Toddlers' winter booties Antura Soft blue
Toddlers' winter booties Antura

24.95 €

Babies' booties Lepo Off white
Babies' booties Lepo
16.95 € 8.48 €
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