Something cool, yet warm!

The look

With comfortable leggings that lead moisture away form the skin, our quilted skirt is the top choice for a fun school day. The vest is a down jacket without its zip-off sleeves, worn here on top of a warm knit fleece. On sunny days, a protective cap finishes the look!

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Down jacket, Minna Navy Navy
Down jacket, Minna Navy
109.95 € 54.98 €
Juniors' fleece hoodie Northern Dark berry
Juniors' fleece hoodie Northern
49.95 € 24.98 €
Kids' leggings Toimii Berry
Kids' leggings Toimii
24.95 € 9.98 €
Winter skirt, Floora Navy Navy
Winter skirt, Floora Navy
39.95 € 19.98 €
Kids' socks Sturm Pink
Kids' socks Sturm
17.95 € 8.98 €
Reimatec® sneakers Wetter Jeans Navy
Reimatec® sneakers Wetter Jeans

79.95 €

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