Home yard action

The look

Ready for some home yard action? These kids’ Play Jersey T-shirts help the skin stay dry even in busy play and the jeans with cooling effect feel comfy against the skin. No need to stay out of muddy spots, because both kids’ shoes are machine-washable. Remember to keep your caps on, it’s sunny out there!

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ReimaGO® Activity sensor Black

39.95 €

Kids' cap Boat Navy

17.95 €

Kids' fleece sweater Inrun Pale rose

39.95 €

Kids' fleece sweater Pursi Raspberry red

44.95 €

Kids' shirt Kuper Raspberry red

24.95 €

Kids' shirt Kuper Navy

24.95 €

ReimaGO® jeans Zomer Navy

49.95 €

ReimaGO® mid-season pants Sway Navy

59.95 €

Shoes, Fresh White sand White sand

49.95 €