For windy spring days

The look

Keep spring winds at bay, and occasional showers too. Reimatec Marine jacket is slightly longer in cut, yet light, and when the sun comes out, you can pack it away into its own pocket. The sole of our lightweight Fresh sneaker has waterproof holes for ventilation - maximum comfort for summer feet.

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ReimaGO® Activity sensor Black

39.95 €

Kids' beanie Majakka Blue

19.95 €

Reimatec® mid-season jacket Marine White
Reimatec® mid-season jacket Roder Navy
Juniors' windbreaker Solen Blue

49.95 €

T-shirt, Bacio Orange Orange

22.95 €

Kids' T-shirt Foili Orange

22.95 €

ReimaGO® jeans Zeil Navy

49.95 €

Shoes, Fresh Strawberry red Strawberry red

49.95 €