Prepare for swinging spring weather

The look

Windy or rainy today? Spring weather can be fickle but it doesn’t matter when you’re wearing functional Reima® clothing. Softeshell jacket protects from the wind and rain, and the down jacket can easily be transformed into a vest when it gets warmer. If the beanie is the best choice today, tomorrow you’ll be fine with a cap. Reimatec® sneakers are waterproof, and a comfy hoodie gives extra warmth under the jacket. Don’t forget to take the ReimaGO® sensor with you!

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Kids' beanie Puhkus Navy
Kids' beanie Puhkus
16.95 € 8.48 €
Kids' cap Purje Raspberry red
Kids' cap Purje
17.95 € 8.98 €
Kid’s 2in1 light down jacket Float Strawberry red
Kid’s 2in1 light down jacket Float
89.95 € 44.98 €
Kids' fleece sweater Pursi Strawberry red
Kids' fleece sweater Pursi
44.95 € 22.48 €
ReimaGO® softshell jacket Haven Navy
ReimaGO® softshell jacket Haven
79.95 € 31.98 €
Reimatec® shoes Wetter Wash Sand
Reimatec® shoes Wetter Wash
74.95 € 37.48 €
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