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A Reimatec jacket is perfect for spring. Combine it with water-repellent pants and weatherproof shoes to maximize the comfort. Adjust warmth with layers.


Kids' spring jacket Fasarby White
Kids' spring jacket Fasarby
89.95 € 44.98 €
Reimatec pants, Suoja Navy Navy
Reimatec pants, Suoja Navy

64.95 €

Kids' trainers Aviare White
Kids' trainers Aviare

49.95 €

Reimatec mittens, Askare Navy Navy
Reimatec mittens, Askare Navy

29.95 €

Kids' anti-slip socks Heimi Light green
Kids' anti-slip socks Heimi
9.95 € 4.98 €
Kids' jumper Haukka Lemon yellow
Kids' jumper Haukka
24.95 € 11.23 €
Kids' joggers Suomu Melange grey
Kids' joggers Suomu
24.95 € 12.48 €
Toddlers' T-shirt Dalvadas Navy
Toddlers' T-shirt Dalvadas

16.95 €

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